“Everything Changes” was written on two consecutive New Years Eves.  The chorus was written first on New YearsEve on an old rickety piano in the parlor of a historic B&B in rural Missourri and the verses and bridge were completed one year later on the following New Years Eve. Like a lot of people on New Year‘s Eve, I was contemplating whether my life was on track and whether I could actually achieve my biggest dreams.

At the time I was unemployed and more down than usual and the song has a lot of fear built into it, but is also an encouraging “don’t give up” note-to-self.  The core theme of the song– something I think about often– is that people shouldn’t “find themselves,” they should create themselves. The idea of “finding yourself” implies a passive approach to life, and the implication that who you are is a fixed point you should return to. The people I admire most constantly reinvent themselves– create a new version of themselves that’s still rooted in the same core values.  When went electric people told him he wasn’t “being himself” and if he listened we wouldn’t have “Like A Rolling Story.